Well, gelding singular. He's our very first Morgan horse and the one who cemented our love for the breed. I've heard it said there's no room for a gelding on a breeding farm, but we can't imagine life without him!

Rocky was our first Morgan horse. We'd just moved to the property and I'd needed to find a companion for an Arabian gelding we'd had at the time. I'd always been attracted to the Morgans and when I saw the picture of Rocky, I had that "spark" hit me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt this horse needed to come home to us.

We bought him as a yearling and never looked back. He is a puppy dog in a horse's body. Rocky is the first at the gate and will follow you around everywhere to help with your tasks. When we had him backed, we'd originally planned to use him as our "husband horse" and had him trail-trained. He ended up being too fancy, and I've since taken him over! He is currently schooling for eventing/dressage with Michael Graham at Volte Farms, where he's loving the daily work. Rocky has lovely extension and a free-flowing shoulder. He has a nice correct canter, which is not completely common in the Morgan horses. He's a hot, forward ride, which is the best kind! He's got his power harnessed and ready for you to use at a mere thought! He does start campaigning this year with our trainer at the helm! We're eager to see how far this horse goes!


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