Mares are the foundation of any breeding program. Without the best mares, you have no hope of quality foals. We take our girls very seriously here at the farm. They take themselves pretty seriously too! We only bring in who we feel have the gaits, temperament, and conformation for top level competition while still possessing the ideal Morgan appearance.

Ivy is the last foal of the lovely black mare Avondale Sweet Rosie and takes much after her momma in type. She has a short back and a long hip and can very easily collect underneath herself. Ivy has an engine and knows how to use it - possessing wonderful self-carriage. Don't let her pony height fool you - she rides like a much larger horse with the most comfortable, lofty gaits.

A sweetheart who'll nicker at you when she spots you, she's the one who leads the charge in from the field. Miss Ivy is a confident, very headstrong mare. She believes she already knows what to do most of the time! She's also a bit of a locksmith. If there is a gait or latch to open, she'll find a way to do so. She very much enjoys puzzles and is smart enough to figure almost all of them out. But that quick-thinking brain of hers can also start grinding gears when she feels she's not catching on to what's asked of her. Ivy is a mare that requires a slow and calm understanding so she doesn't blow herself up with worry and agitation. When she understands the question being asked of her, she's quite happy and willing to answer it. This is a mare that tries with all her being to get those answers right. In almost all other situations, she's pretty unflappable.


Photos (coming soon) ~ Pedigree

Indy is a dream come true for me. I've been a fan of the Statesman Morgans - they seem to have everything we want to represent: trainability, talent, and Morgan type. Indy's sireline is of these lines and it shows. She is fearless, smart, and willing coupled with gorgeous movement. This one is packed full of saucy personality! She knows she's beautiful as she floats in an uphill canter around the field. She also has wonderful extention. This is one that's going to be able to extend or collect as needed with no effort.


As we've only had her for barely under a week, there's lots more to learn about her. We are definitely impressed with what we see right off the bat! We'll definitely be updating this page with photos as these are from straight off the trailer after traveling from PA to CO! Thank you, Kate Farris, for entrusting us with this very promising filly!


Photos (coming soon) ~ Pedigree